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Blocked Drain

You have seen the signs that signaled caution. The water does not drain as fast in the sink any longer. When you shower, the water levels rise. Oh, and don’t forget the smells. All of a sudden it seems like the bad smells are more regular and nastier. When you witness these things, chances are that you have a drain that’s blocked. One day when you wake up, then out of the blue, that drain is completely blocked.

If you want a quick fix to your problem, then it will be wise to look for plumbers in Nelspruit, like WR Plumbers Nelspruit. But you can also try and do it yourself.

Maybe you have removed the hair and grime on the surface of the drain. But nothing happens. You try a plunger and some other ideas, but nothing seems to work. So, what do you actually do when all your ideas and plans have failed?

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If you are not interested in calling up a Nelspruit plumber, then consider the following blocked drain tips:

Clean the blocked drain pipe. Get an empty bowl or bucket and make sure to place this object underneath the pipe trap (that U-shaped portion of the pipe underneath the sink). Make sure to loosen the nuts at both ends of the pipe. You will probably need a professional plumbing wrench for this. But it’s easy to do and you should be done in a jiffy. When you have loosened this part of the pipe, make sure that you clear out all the goo that accumulated inside it. Sometimes you will need a brush to clear this U-shaped pipe. But get it clean. Then you can assemble all the plumbing again and then your blockage should be something of the past.

Corrosive Soda for Blocked Drain. With this one you need to protect yourself. So, make sure you have some strong gloves and proper eye gear that will protect your eyes. Corrosive soda can cause some serious chemical burns so be very careful when you apply this method. Read the instruction on the bottle carefully on how to use it and mixture ratio’s you should apply. After making sure you have the proper protective gear, be sure to pour the mix down the drain that should help with unclogging your clogged drain. If that doesn’t work, you can always look up on Google for a plumber in Nelspruit to make things happen.

Clear Blocked Drain with Vinegar and Soda. Very easy alternative to clear out your drains. Take a third cup of vinegar and a third cup of relevant soda and mix these two together. You will see that you get an immediate pop when you mix these 2 ingredients. The chemical combination is an excellent way to clear up drains. Make sure to pour this mixture down the drain. Now, a lot of people will flush the drain immediately. That is not necessarily the best way to do things. Give the chemicals a chance to work its magic into the grime. It will loosen it up and make it easier to flush away. About 30 minutes should be enough time for all the grime to get loosed.

There are several other ways you can flush clogged drains as well, but these 3 methods should suffice for now.

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