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Nelspruit Geyser Installation and Nelspruit Geyser Repair

A lot of people forget that geyser maintenance is essential. Remember, your geyser is working all the time and if its outside, it’s exposed to the outside elements that contribute to wear and tear. Therefore, you must budget for geyser that eventually needs to be replaced.

You get various types of geysers and they will, depending on the quality, differ in the pricing as well. Remember, you get what pay for. This rule applies to all facets of life. Better quality geysers cost more but they will last longer as well. Almost all geysers will also come with a guarantee in place. Geyser installation will take a couple of hours to complete and you can expect to pay anything between R6,000 and R10,000 for a proper geyser. Our plumbers in Nelspruit will also give you the warranty that you should keep in the unlikely case of something going wrong.

But when you use Plumber Nelspruit, then you can have peace of mind. Geyser related work is what we do. We have vast amounts of experience and we are very well qualified to install these geysers. You can be assured that we will do our job well.

We will also ensure that you get all the necessary documentation that goes with geyser installation. Our workmanship goes with guarantees to you our customer. We also want to make sure that all our work falls inline with the guidelines of geyser regulations. That way you can have peace of mind that your geyser will last its full life cycle.

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Certificate of compliance for our Geyser Installation

The geyser installation certificate of compliance is very important. This certificate may be the difference between a sale on your house or no sale at all. Do not underestimate the importance of producing the document that shows that your geyser was installed according to industry standards. Also, if you are a property investor who are looking for tenants, then they can insist on a COC before they sign a lease contract. Tenants are smart and know what they can insist on. Put yourself in their shoes. If I am about to rent a place, I want to be assured that I’m not going to sit with a burst geyser in a few weeks after I moved in, right?

So, we offer certificates of compliance for your geyser when we install it. If your geyser was installed by someone else, then we are more than happy to come and see if it’s installed according to specifications. If it’s not, we are under obligation to share that with you. We will also offer you a reasonable quote to make the necessary fixes so that your geyser installation is on par with industry regulation.

If you want to install a geyser, make sure you are working with geyser installation specialists who will not do a bad job. Plumber Nelspruit have proven themselves as excellent geyser specialists and we are sure that we can do a great job for you as well.

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